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Let’s Chat w/ Jere Gettle, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Let’s Chat w/ Jere Gettle, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

We’re kicking off the year with a seedy conversation with Jere Gettle, owner of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, America’s largest heirloom seed supplier! Season 2 with a launch of our new Herb Co-op, an exclusive offering for members of our Patreon community!

A Year of Seeds and Weeds

A Year of Seeds and Weeds

It’s been an amazing year exploring seeds and weeds with all of you! In this episode we relive the highs and lows of our year together, dig into exciting statistics, and sneak a peek at what’s to come in 2024!

Let’s Chat w/ jim mcdonald, HerbCraft

Let’s Chat w/ jim mcdonald, HerbCraft

During this action-packed interview, jim mcdonald gives a us a mini-tour of his herb cabinet, shares his go-to winter tea recipe, talks about his Lindera herb workshops, and even tells us about his very first herb experience!

Popular Episodes

5 Questions w/ Zach Loeks plus Tomato Extravaganza

We’re hanging out with farmer and author Zach Loeks to talk about his work at Ecosystem Solution Institute and learn more about micro-landscaping. Right now I am obsessed with America’s favorite fruit, so let’s celebrate with a Tomato Extravaganza!

Slow Food w/ Mara Welton plus Chili Pepper Trivia

It’s a hot and spicy episode of the Seeds & Weeds Podcast! Today we’re chatting with Mara Welton, who serves as director of programs for Slow Food USA.

Ask an Herbalist w/ Mel Mutterspaugh plus Top 5 Herbs and a recipe

Herbalist Mel Mutterspaugh answers all your herby questions and I share my Top Five herbs for the tea garden!

5 Questions w/ Brie Arthur plus Chili Pepper Trivia w/ Annie Toro Lopez

Foodscape gardener Brie Arthur shares her love affair with grains and Annie Toro Lopez plays Chili Pepper Trivia!

5 Questions w/ Melissa DeSa plus Weed Ramble: Plantain

Seed steward Melissa DeSa tell us about her tomato breeding program and Bevin rambles on about one of his favorite wild herbs.

GMO Tomatoes, Oh My! plus Ask an Herbalist w/ Kristine Brown

Are you ready for the new GMO Purple Tomato?!? What impact will this new variety have on our health, our gardens, or our tomato seed saving? Bevin unpacks this latest development in the gardening world, then sits down for a relaxing chat with herbalist, author, and educator Kristine Brown.

Five Questions with Jeff Quattrone plus what’s growing and a seed story

Jeff Quattrone tells us why he loves those jersey tomatoes and I share the story of Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter!

Ask an Herbalist w/ Crystal Stevens, Flourish Farmstead

Herbalist Crystal Stevens joins us to answer your questions! Before the interview, Bevin talks about our recent herb harvest and shares a recipe for a healing salve made from yarrow and comfrey!

Let’s Chat w/ Amy Anthony, NYC Aromatica plus top five essential oils

This episode is packed full of info! Certified Aromatherapist Amy Anthony joins us to talk about the difference between hydrosols and essential oils, lavandin vs lavender and so much more! Then, Amy shares her Top 5 essential oils!

Let’s Chat w/ Sarah Hall, Planting by the Signs

Can the moon help your beans grow? Learn about this traditional practice of working with the moon phases and astrological signs to guide your planting schedule. Author and professor of agriculture Sarah Hall is joining us today!

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