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Latest Episodes

Ask a Garden Expert w/ Susan Mulvihill

Ask a Garden Expert w/ Susan Mulvihill

Squirrels and rabbits in your garden? Too much clay in your soil? Curious what fruits and veggies will thrive in the shade? Garden expert Susan Mulvihill answers these questions and more!

Foraging Wild Edibles w/ George Barnett

Foraging Wild Edibles w/ George Barnett

Morel mushrooms, wild onions, and tender spring greens await the hungry forager! Join us as we talk with George Barnett, founder of The Hungry Forager and author of the new book, “Foraging Kentucky”.

Garden for Wildlife w/ Shubber Ali

Garden for Wildlife w/ Shubber Ali

Discover the magic of native plants and bring your garden to life! Get your garden party started with Shubber Ali, founder of Garden for Wildlife! We’re talking with Shubber about growing native plants, how native plants support our ecosystem and what you can do to create a little wildlife sanctuary in your own backyard!

Popular Episodes

Let’s Chat w/ Tony O’Neill, Simplify Vegetable Gardening

Grow your best garden ever with tips and tricks from author and YouTuber Tony O’Neill! After listening to this interview you’ll be ready to grow a healthier and more productive vegetable garden than ever before!

Ask an Herbalist w/ Mel Mutterspaugh plus Top 5 Herbs and a recipe

Herbalist Mel Mutterspaugh answers all your herby questions and I share my Top Five herbs for the tea garden!

5 Questions w/ Greg Peterson, The Urban Farm

Saving seeds, growing trees and eating peaches! Today we’re chatting with Greg Peterson, host of The Urban Farm podcast.

Let’s Chat w/ Sarah Hall, Planting by the Signs

Can the moon help your beans grow? Learn about this traditional practice of working with the moon phases and astrological signs to guide your planting schedule. Author and professor of agriculture Sarah Hall is joining us today!

Let’s Chat w/ Felicia Ruiz, Kitchen Curandera

What does it mean to be a kitchen curandera? What’s the difference between Indigenous food and local food? We’ll learn all this and much more when we sit down to chat with traditional healer and award-winning author Felicia Ruiz.

Five Questions w/ Leah Webb, Seven Step Homestead

Gardening for health, happiness and delicious produce! Author and educator Leah Webb joins us on the podcast to talk about whole foods cooking, why she gardens and so much more when she answers 5 Questions.

USDA Map Heats Up! + Five Questions w/ Peggy Riccio

One of the biggest things happening in the (gardening) world right now is the new USDA Hardiness Zones Map!  Plus horticulturist and garden educator Peggy Riccio is joining us on the podcast to talk about her information-packed garden website resource, pegplant.com!

Five Questions with Joseph Lofthouse plus exciting news and our Top 5 Seed Catalogs

Joseph Lofthouse tells us why promiscuous tomatoes are his favorite tomatoes!

What We Sow w/ Jennifer Jewell, Cultivating Place

What do seeds mean to you? In today’s episode we’re talking with Jennifer Jewell, host of the Cultivating Place podcast and author of the new book, What We Sow: On the Personal, Ecological and Cultural Significance of Seeds.

Natural Beauty w/ Janice Cox, Herb Society of America

Pine nut skin scrub? Sour cream face mask?! Author and natural beauty expert Janice Cox joins us on the show to talk about these incredible products and so much more!

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