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Foraging Wild Edibles w/ George Barnett

Foraging Wild Edibles w/ George Barnett

Morel mushrooms, wild onions, and tender spring greens await the hungry forager! Join us as we talk with George Barnett, founder of The Hungry Forager and author of the new book, “Foraging Kentucky”.

Garden for Wildlife w/ Shubber Ali

Garden for Wildlife w/ Shubber Ali

Discover the magic of native plants and bring your garden to life! Get your garden party started with Shubber Ali, founder of Garden for Wildlife! We’re talking with Shubber about growing native plants, how native plants support our ecosystem and what you can do to create a little wildlife sanctuary in your own backyard!

Staple Crops & Local Food Systems w/ Michelle Ajamian, Shagbark Mill

Staple Crops & Local Food Systems w/ Michelle Ajamian, Shagbark Mill

What are staple crops and what role do they plan in sustainable, regional food systems? We’re talking with Michelle Ajamian, founder of Shagbark Mill, about localized food systems, growing and processing staple crops like corn and beans and we’re going to explore how growers, producers and consumers come together to decide what kind of food system we want for ourselves and our communities.

Popular Episodes

GMO Tomatoes, Oh My! plus Ask an Herbalist w/ Kristine Brown

Are you ready for the new GMO Purple Tomato?!? What impact will this new variety have on our health, our gardens, or our tomato seed saving? Bevin unpacks this latest development in the gardening world, then sits down for a relaxing chat with herbalist, author, and educator Kristine Brown.

Bonus Ep: Gardening for Moths w/ Jim McCormac

Why are moths always cast as the villain? What’s the difference between a moth and a butterfly? We’ll find out today in this special bonus episode!

Five Questions w/ Christy Wilhelmi, Gardenerd

Nerd alert! Gardenerd founder Christy Wilhelmi joins us on the show to talk about small-space fruit orchards, Russian tomatoes, reclaiming food waste and all sorts of groovy stuff!

5 Questions w/ Brie Arthur plus Chili Pepper Trivia w/ Annie Toro Lopez

Foodscape gardener Brie Arthur shares her love affair with grains and Annie Toro Lopez plays Chili Pepper Trivia!

Ask an Herbalist w/ Mel Mutterspaugh plus Top 5 Herbs and a recipe

Herbalist Mel Mutterspaugh answers all your herby questions and I share my Top Five herbs for the tea garden!

Let’s Chat w/ Erica & Mike, Nature & Nurture Seeds

Lets Chat w/ Erica Kempter and Mike Levine, co-owners of Nature & Nurture Seeds, a Michigan based seed company! We talk about why planting regional seed matters and some of their favorite varieties from this year’s catalog, then we play the Garden Dating Game! Let’s see how well Erica and Mike know each other… in the garden.

5 Questions w/ Melissa DeSa plus Weed Ramble: Plantain

Seed steward Melissa DeSa tell us about her tomato breeding program and Bevin rambles on about one of his favorite wild herbs.

What We Sow w/ Jennifer Jewell, Cultivating Place

What do seeds mean to you? In today’s episode we’re talking with Jennifer Jewell, host of the Cultivating Place podcast and author of the new book, What We Sow: On the Personal, Ecological and Cultural Significance of Seeds.

Ask an Herbalist w/ Crystal Stevens, Flourish Farmstead

Herbalist Crystal Stevens joins us to answer your questions! Before the interview, Bevin talks about our recent herb harvest and shares a recipe for a healing salve made from yarrow and comfrey!

Bonus Ep: A Conversation w/ Andrew Bunting Vice President Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Andrew Bunting, VP of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society talks about this year’s garden trends, the Philadelphia Flower Show and he plays a quick round of This or That!

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