April 24, 2024

Ask a Garden Expert w/ Susan Mulvihill

Squirrels and rabbits in your garden? Too much clay in your soil? Curious what fruits and veggies will thrive in the shade? Garden expert Susan Mulvihill answers these questions and more!

Episode Guest

Episode Guest

Susan Mulvihill is based in Spokane, Washington, USA, where she is the Sunday garden columnist for The Spokesman-Review newspaper. In 2002, she became a Master Gardener affiliated with Washington State University, which gave her the opportunity to answer questions from gardeners facing challenges from insects, plant diseases, animals, the weather, and other issues that crop up along the way.

Susan has long believed that everyone can and should grow a garden and has made it her mission to provide the information and solutions to a wide audience both nationally and internationally.

Learn more about Susan’s work at https://www.susansinthegarden.com/

Susan Mulvihill is a gardener, educator, author and host of the popular ‘Susan’s in the Garden’ Youtube channel. Susan is passionate about gardening and believes everyone should be able to grow a great garden! Her latest book, The Vegetable Garden Problem Solver Handbook, is now available through Cool Springs Press.

Susan’s website is full of useful information for every gardener! Check it out at https://www.susansinthegarden.com/
Learn from more than 500 videos on Susan’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/susansinthegarden

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