January 04, 2023

Episode 2:

Five Questions with Joseph Lofthouse plus exciting news and our Top 5 Seed Catalogs

Joseph Lofthouse tells us why promiscuous tomatoes are his favorite tomatoes!

Episode Guest

Episode Guest

Joseph Lofthouse

BIO: Joseph adopted the principles of landrace gardening in response to the harsh growing conditions in a high-altitude, short-season, desert garden. Instead of relying on expensive poisons, labor, and materials to coddle the plants, he encourages genetic diversity, cross-pollination, and survival of the fittest, allowing the plants to adapt themselves to the current and ever-changing ecosystem, thus simplifying gardening and seed saving.

Joseph loves eating, farming, swimming, hot-springs, sunbathing, bird-watching, running, yoga, leggings, kilts, playing guitar, singing, and living habitually barefoot.

Today we’re hanging out with Joseph Lofthouse to ask him 5 questions. Joseph is a seed saver and yoga teacher from Paradise, Utah. He’s also the author of the book Landrace Gardening. Joseph tells us about his promiscuous tomato project and lets us know just how easy it is to breed wonderfully delicious fruits and vegetables no matter where we live!

In exciting news, my new books from Timber Press are now available for preorder! It was an honor to be invited to work on this project and I’m so excited to share Grow Great Vegetables with all of you! You can find more info and preorder your copy today at www.BevinCohen.com

We wrap the episode with my top 5 favorite seed catalogs! Seed catalog season is here and there’s nothing more exciting to do in the winter than browse through seed catalogs dreaming of gardens to come… which catalog is #1? You’ll find out in today’s episode! I also compiled a list of my top 10 seed companies, whether they print a catalog or not. That list can be found on our Patreon at www.patreon.com/smallhousefarm

Learn more about Joseph’s work: lofthouse.com

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