January 04, 2023

Episode 1:

Five Questions with Jeff Quattrone plus what’s growing and a seed story

Jeff Quattrone tells us why he loves those jersey tomatoes and I share the story of Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter!

Episode Guest

Episode Guest

Jeff Quattrone

BIO:  Jeff is an artist and heirloom seed activist who connected the public to the local seed and agricultural history of South Jersey through his Library Seed Bank (LSB) project. Jeff’s personal passion is the Jersey tomato! His curated Authentic Jersey Tomato Seed Collection is housed at LSB, and he’s brought six Jersey bred tomato varieties back to the South Jersey area.

Today we’re sitting down with Jeff Quattrone to ask him 5 questions. Jeff is an artist and heirloom seed activist from New Jersey. His work has helped revive six varieties of New Jersey bred tomatoes that were once considered functionally extinct. Jeff talks about his seed revival work, his art and a new book project that he’s been working on!

I also share what’s growing here at Small House Farm. Even though its winter in Michigan right now, there’s plenty of gardening to be done! In this episode I offer some tips on how to care for our indoor plants- particularly rosemary, which is one of my favorite herbs!

We wrap the episode with the story of Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter Tomato, a classic heirloom variety from West Virginia. Not only is this a delicious tomato, but this story shows how tomato breeding is something accessible to everyone. We can all grow great tomatoes when selecting and saving seeds from our own gardens!

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Learn more about Jeff’s work: www.libraryseedbank.info and www.iconicjerseytomatoes.com

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